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Retro Cushions

Up for an eclectic mix of styles? Look no further. Our selection of retro cushions brings together bold patterns and colours into your home. Get inspiration from New Zealand’s biggest cushion range and create a style to fit your personal taste. Plus, we offer free shipping on purchases over $150 and world-class customer support.

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How to use Retro Cushions

Incorporating a mix of decorative styles from different eras is an intriguing way of dressing your home. Retro cushions add a touch of whimsy to just about any interior setting. The pretty colours and patterns infuse so much personality — earthy warm and vibrant hues — geometric and florals — come together to create an enchanting and unique finish.

Creating a grouping of eye-catching retro cushions is one of the easiest ways to add life to your living space, and happens to provide a fun, conversation starting point. Deep orange tones with big, bold prints partner beautifully with chocolate brown, soft beige and gold accent pieces to lend a little shimmery warmth. Doses of jewel-tones, expressive artwork, and hints of wood tones give retro style a gorgeous and energetic vibe.

For a sense of easy sophistication, foundational colour palette of dark and moody hues lend a sobering, grown-up appeal. Deep blues fit perfectly with emerald green, dark burgundy and gold metallics. Plush fabrics in particular add an elegant touch and can easily team with knitted pillows for extra dimension and depth. The idea is to create charming and timeless appeal while paying attention to all the details.

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