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A timber hanging frame stands tall with a throw blanket draped over it.

Throw Blankets

Our throw blankets help add the finishing touches to a sofa decorated with wonderful cushions. Their beautiful tones and soft texture help create a warm and cosy space that invites you and your guests to relax. Shop our couch throws today and enjoy free shipping on orders over $150.

How to use Throw Blankets

Our range of throw blankets instantly add interest, warmth and tactility to any interior setting. Crafted from 100% cotton, they’re warm enough for winter, but also lightweight for spring and summer. When teamed with stunning colourful cushions, your sofa throws help bring the style of your interior together.

There are a lot of different ways to refresh a tired sofa, add colour to a bench in an entryway or inject instant warmth to your bedroom. Investing in throw blankets and cushions is an obvious choice as they can be incredibly impactful yet relatively inexpensive. Drape them over the arms and backs of a sofa or place on ottomans and across beds - whatever your aesthetics, switching up different colours allows you to utilise couch throws any time of the year.

To get your styling right, introduce a complementary or coordinating shade to the room’s colour scheme. Your throw blanket should enhance your overall decor, so bring in a bright, new hue as an accent - or for a more subtle look, incorporate one that matches the existing colours in the room. Pink, grey, khaki and beige sofa throws lend themselves beautifully to both neutral and bold spaces. For a splash of bright colours, opt for red, teal, mustard and olive - these pair effortlessly with black, grey and light coloured fabrics to add even more comfort.