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Couch cushions on a corner chair near a window.

Couch Cushions

Sets of 3

Revitalise your living space with our couch cushions. Each collection includes 3 perfectly coordinated designs, handpicked by our team to ensure a harmonious and stylish look. These products blend textures, colours, and designs, to effortlessly enhance your seating area. Ideal for adding a refined touch, our couch cushion covers simplify your decorating decisions. Transform your couch into a showcase of elegance and comfort today.

How to use Couch Cushions

Use our carefully curated couch cushions for a fantastic blend of style and convenience. Each collection has been carefully selected to ensure the designs not only coordinate with each other, but also enhance the overall look of your small couch. This thoughtful curation eliminates the hassle of mixing and matching individual pieces, making decorating your couch a breeze. Furthermore, these gems can instantly transform the appearance of your couch, adding a touch of elegance and comfort. Whether you're looking to refresh your living space or add a finishing touch, these collections are designed to effortlessly uplift the style and cosiness of your couch.

Play with arrangements
Our couch cushion covers provide numerous arrangement options. A popular approach is terraced layering, where all three are placed together from biggest to smallest with the largest design at the back. This creates a cascading effect that emphasises the leading rectangular piece and adds depth to your couch. Another option is to split the arrangement: position one piece on its own at one end of the couch and pair the other two together at the other end. This layout utilises the available space and offers a balanced look. For a more relaxed and casual style, consider separating all three pieces, experimenting with their positioning - some laying flat, others propped upright. This approach gives a laid-back feel and allows each design to stand out individually.

Mix patterns
Combining different patterns on couch cushions is a fantastic way to infuse energy and personality into your living space. Imagine pairing bold stripes with delicate florals, or geometric prints with abstract designs. This mix-and-match approach can bring a lively, eclectic feel to your couch. The key is to find a common colour theme that ties the patterns together, creating a cohesive yet dynamic look. It’s not just about throwing together random designs; it’s about crafting a harmonious blend. We’ve done the hard work for you in our collections. Each has been carefully selected to ensure the different patterns play well and help accentuate each other.