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A modern chair in a light room with a navy cushion.

Navy Cushions

Navy makes an exceptional colour to incorporate into your home décor – it can easily warm up your space while still offering a nice complement to just about every colour. Our navy cushions provide a well-balanced blend of richness, intensity, beauty and drama. Explore a taste of New Zealand’s biggest cushion range and get free shipping when you spend over $150.


How to use Navy Cushions

Navy is a classic colour that’s considered a neutral — and depending on how you use it and what you pair it with, it can create looks that range from dark and dramatic, elegant and opulent or casual and colourful. It’s super versatile and can be used with an array of colours and in just about any interior setting. The most subtle yet stylish way to infuse navy to your interior is to do it with a selection of scatter cushions.

Navy cushions can take on numerous personalities — they can be used either as the main focal point or as an eye-catching accent. If you really want to commit to the navy blue colour scheme, take the plunge and create a cushion formation in the same blue tone. Ideally, you’d want to mix both solid and patterned cushions to give a bit of variation to your cushion-scape. To soften the look, crisp white cushions make an excellent pairing, particularly for a traditional yet elegant look.

To really capture the vitality of navy, introduce vibrant greens, yellows, oranges and reds. This bold combination yields a dramatic transformation. Navy also shines when teamed with gold hues cushions. Both are quite opulent colours, and with the right dose, the combination is one that lends timeless sophistication to contemporary spaces.

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