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A single armchair shown featuring a black cushion.

Black Cushions

Black is a star attraction and can invigorate just about any room; from a cosy bedroom to a spacious living room. Nothing says classic and sophistication more than a judicious hit of our black cushions. Discover New Zealand’s biggest quality range and get free shipping on all orders over $150 and world-class customer support.


How to use Black Cushions

Black is both striking and stylish — and with the right soft furnishings, you can adorn your living space up or down to achieve a look that feels like home. Whether you’re looking for a finish that’s opulent and sophisticated or laid-back and casual, our range of black cushions hit just the right spot. When used in settings that incorporate Hamptons cushions, deep blacks in different textures can add depth and visual weight.

Whether you are going for a contemporary, classic, modern or masculine vibe, a touch of black enhances the colours and shapes around it. Black cushions act as multifunctional pieces as they effortless complement a wide range of colours. Pair with white and bold red cushions and you get a modern, monochromatic vibe; team with gold or silver for a regal, glamorous touch; or bring in a few whimsical jewel tones for a rich, dynamic twist.

What’s really fantastic about incorporating black cushions is that they can tie a whole lot of decorative elements together. So whether you have a mix of patterned cushions, decorative art and other soft furnishings in different colours, bringing a dark shade into the mix creates a unified look without detracting from other pieces. If anything, it helps to highlight them. Whatever your design aspirations, black cushions provide a grounding effect that is necessary for every interior.

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