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A stack of floral cushions are arranged on a bed.

Floral Cushions

Create a sofa-scape that’s big on eye-catching patterns as well as comfort. Our fabulous collection of floral cushions will entice the eye to travel and can be used in a variety of different interior settings. Well, use them all over the house if you like! Get yours today and enjoy free shipping on orders over $150.


How to use Floral Cushions

Beautiful floral cushions will not only add extra comfort to the room, but also make it more exciting with bold colour choices. Florals are often associated with formal and classic interiors, but understanding how to work with them in terms of colour and scale, they can be incorporated into the most contemporary of spaces. From dark and moody hues to fresh modern designs, floral cushions can inspire a look that stays on trend for seasons to come.

If you prefer a more striking look, then you may go for bold colours with your floral cushions. To keep the interior from seeming too busy, pairing with neutral tones will impart a more modern sensibility. You can also incorporate the colours from the floral print into the rest of the room in smaller doses, like a colourful throw rug just above the couch’s shoulder.

Another way to work with floral cushions is to introduce them to add a punch of colour and pattern in a monochrome space, which is a popular colour palette in modern homes. For instance, you can create contrast by introducing them to a display of light brown covers in geometric patterns. Keep the floral print on a larger scale and the rest of the room clean looking using solid colours so that nothing clashes with it.

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