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A light coloured setting with three orange outdoor cushions in its corner.

Orange Outdoor Cushions

Turn up the vibrancy of your outdoor area with our captivating collection of orange outdoor cushions. They are perfect for adding a zesty and energetic feel and are available in a range of unique and eye-catching patterns. Each one has been carefully crafted from a special UV-resistant and waterproof material to ensure they stay bright and resilient to the elements.

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How to use our orange outdoor cushions

Orange, a colour bursting with energy and warmth, is a fantastic choice for outdoor spaces. Orange outdoor cushions can invigorate any area, bringing a lively and welcoming atmosphere. Known for its association with joy and sunshine, orange is great from a decorating perspective as it adds vibrancy and can enliven neutral settings. It's particularly effective in outdoor living areas, where it can complement natural elements and create a focal point. When using orange outside, consider balancing it with more subdued hues or natural textures to ensure the space remains visually comfortable and inviting.

Creating a vibrant collection of orange outdoor cushions requires considering both your patterns and the collection’s size. For a bold, uniform look, mix different patterns all in orange, such as a solid block orange, an orange stripe, and a feature pattern. Alternatively, create a multi-color palette by incorporating complementary colours like our deep navy or soft grey, which work well with orange. Depending on your seating, opt for one or two designs for a single chair, three for a smaller couch, and up to five or even seven for larger seating.