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Cushion covers can instantly revamp a room and help coordinate all of your decorative items into a cohesive whole. Best of all, they are relatively inexpensive and can be easily swapped in and out when the seasons or trends change.

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    Number 1

    Discover your colours

    Cushion covers can be used to pull a room’s colours together but selecting a set of cushions can be a daunting task. The best place to start your search is in the space where they’ll be used. Look around and find colours that appear within the room already such as in artwork, furniture, curtains or other decor pieces. Choose 2 or 3 of these that work well together and take note of them.

    Number 2

    Consider your sofa

    Your sofa’s colour is important as it will likely be used as the background to your arrangement. Consider the colours you’ve chosen and how they will work against this. Our colour guide can help you avoid some terrible clashes. It’s never a good idea to exactly match the colours to that of your sofa. At Simply Cushions NZ we we recommend you avoid this as it will make your room look bland and boring.

    Number 3

    Pick a number

    The amount of cushion covers you’ll need really depends on the size of your sofa and the style of your room. All sofas are different, but in our number guidance we suggest; 3 to 6 for 3 seaters, 2 to 4 for 2 seaters and 1 or 2 for a 1 seater. If your room is more traditional looking, you’ll want to stick with an even amount, whereas if you want a more modern look, you should try using an odd number.

    Number 4

    Ponder your arrangement

    How you’ll arrange your collection may also determine which designs you’ll pick. If you want a more traditional look, your collection will likely be balanced in number and in the sizes you select. If you want a more modern style, you’ll want more variety in your sizes as well as a range of textures. The Simply Cushions NZ guide to arranging provides lots of ideas on possible styles.

    Number 5

    Where to buy cushions

    Once you have; identified your colours, considered your sofa colour, picked a number and thought about possible arrangements, it’s time to browse our range online at Simply Cushions NZ. Use our singles and build your own collection using our wishlist feature, or browse our pre-styled sets which make choosing easy. Pick your favourites knowing that you’re covered by our 30 day returns policy.