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Selecting a collection of cushions can be a daunting task. There are a lot of things to consider including size, shape, fabric, amount… the list goes on! That’s why we’ve put together a basic guide to help you choose the perfect collection for your space.

1. Never match in with your sofa

If you are thinking of colour matching your cushion covers to your sofa, then think again. At Simply Cushions NZ we like to mix things up. Adding a collection to your couch gives you the perfect opportunity to add some colour, style and flare to a room. Colour matching with your sofa will make your room look bland and uninteresting.

2. Find your colour palette

The best place to start is in the room they are intended for. Have a look around you and find 2¬3 colours that appear somewhere in the room already. It could be on a piece of artwork, a photo frame, curtains, tableware or any number of places. Choose 2¬3 colours that work well together and take note of them. When you start your browsing, keep these colours in mind. You want to find a collection of that uses at least one of these colours in each cushion. These might already be sold as a collection, or you can hunt around for them and add them one by one. If your room is a blank canvas with only neutral colours then your job is much easier! Choose a colour palette that you like and look on Simply Cushions NZ for a ready-made collection in these colours. The matching has already been done for you!

3. A word on numbers

As a basic rule, you can determine the amount of cushions you need by the style of room they are intended for. If your room is more traditional looking with deeper tones, then you’ll want to stick with an even number. If you are going for a more modern or eclectic look, then choose an odd number. In terms of the actual amount, it really depends on the size of the sofa they are intended for. There are no hard or fast rules but we tend to suggest the following: 3 seaters can take up to 5, 2 seaters between 2¬4 and a one seater should have just the one.

4. How to arrange them

Now for the fun part! After all the hard work of selection, it can be tempting to dump them on your couch and be done with it, however the arrangement is just as important as the selection! There are no hard and fast rules but we here at Simply Cushions NZ have some tips to get you started… If you are going for a traditional styling then your job is easy, you want to have an even number at either end, most likely one or two. If your style is more modern then you can have a bit more fun with it. If you have a mixture of squares and rectangles then try with squares at either end and the rectangles in the middle. If you have all squares then try for an even number down one end and an odd down the other. You can also think about arranging them by colour. If you have one cushion with 2 or 3 colours from your colour palette then try putting this in the middle of the arrangement as it will help to tie them all together. Just remember to have fun with it! Try one arrangement for a few weeks and see how you like it. Then mix it up again or throw a few more cushion covers into the mix.