How to arrange your cushions

Selecting your favourite cushions to suit your style may be easy, but arranging them can be challenging. Here we’ll look at the different ways to arrange your cushions.

Pared down cushion arrangement

This arrangement is clean, fresh-looking and perfect for those who enjoy the simplicity of minimalist and chic aesthetics. The pared down look is highly favoured because it’s sophisticated, contemporary and perfect for small spaces.

With this cushion arrangement, two cushions are placed on one end of the sofa; this could be a larger cushion in block colour, and a slightly smaller patterned cushion in front — and a single cushion displayed on the other end of the couch.

Have your cushion choice fairly subdued in colour and pattern by keeping it to two or three hues that are easy on the eye and fuse well with neutrals. This laid-back arrangement is about bringing a small amount of additional comfort to the couch.

Neutral sofa with cushions in soft blues and pinks

Symmetrical cushion arrangement

To create an eye-pleasing symmetrical arrangement, start off by placing two large matching cushions on each end of the sofa and two additional cushions in front on both sides.

Here, two 55cm x 55cm large cushions act as the base — these may be in solid colours and matching fabrics; then slightly smaller 45cm x 45cm cushions sit to the front. Introduce striking details through bold hues or patterns with the smaller cushions to accentuate the larger ones.

Alternatively, arrangement of cushions with various tones of the same colour can offer a look that is soothing, elegant and modern. With this arrangement, the idea is to create a polished and symmetrical look without cluttering the couch.

A grey sofa in a living room with a standard 2 2 cushion arrangement

Classic cushion arrangement

This is the standard approach to cushion arrangement and often the most common way of achieving a balanced look. In this instance, two large cushions sit on each end of the sofa and slightly smaller ones are brought to the front.

An additional cushion is placed in the centre of the couch, and may bring in variation in shape and size. The classic arrangement can be rich in colour, pattern and texture depending on your desired style.

You may opt for matching cushions for a formal look, or cushions that don’t match for an eclectic finish.

Grey sofa with velvet purple and floral cotton linen cushions

Centred cushion arrangement

The centred cushion arrangement offers a refreshed and unique way of arranging cushions on your sofa. Cushions are placed slightly away from the ends of the couch; lending a more relaxed and casual feel.

With this display, you may choose to group cushions in odd numbers for a modern look; say three to five cushions; or an equal number of cushions for a more organised and cohesive look.

Similarly, the arrangement offers you the freedom to play with different colours, patterns, textures and fabrics. The centred cushion arrangement work really well on small sofas or curved sofas which don’t have structured ends.

A grey sofa with 5 cushions in all different textures

The 3:3 cushion arrangement

This soothing way of displaying cushions offers a look that is timeless, tailored and elegant. It involves six cushions on the sofa; with three cushions on each side.

Like most arrangements, the larger cushions sit as the base, completed by slightly smaller cushions.

The cushions that rest in front may vary in shape and size for visual interest. Mix different patterns and textures but make sure to replicate your selection on the opposite side of the couch for a neat and clean look.

A grey sofa with 6 cushion sin purple, pink and yellow colour palette

Balance asymmetry cushion arrangement

A balanced asymmetry is great for adding character to your sofa and achieving a modern and sophisticated look. This arrangement includes three cushions placed at one end of the couch, two on the other end and a single cushion in the centre of the sofa.

Place the larger cushions at the back; overlap these with slightly smaller cushions in elaborated patterns and textures. The cushion placed in the centre can be used to bring variation in shape and size.

Neutral sofa with blue and grey pastel cushions

Bold and playful cushion arrangement

The key to perfecting this arrangement is to introduce cushions in different patterns, shapes and sizes for an interesting cushion cocktail. If you favour a playful living room aesthetic, then use this display to highlight the cushions individuality and geometric strengths without over-filling the sofa.

Introduce cushions in varying textures such as velvet, fur and cotton linen to create a striking combination. The different textures and fabrics also add extra dimension and depth to your couch. To ground the overall look, you may choose block coloured cushions to sit at either end of the arrangement.

A gret sofa with purple and blue cushions in all different shapes and sizes

Happy styling!

Simply Cushions Team

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