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Soft colour themed photo of knit cushion covers also perfect for earthy coloured background

Faux Fur Cushions

Our faux fur cushions are the quickest way to make a space feel homier, more glamorous, and straight-up softer – but aren’t just limited to living rooms, they add even more texture and interest in the bedroom, study and entrance hall. Indulge in our beautiful selection of New Zealand’s best cushion range, and get free shipping on all purchases over $150, backed up by reliable customer support.

How to use Faux Fur Cushions

Welcome feelings of warmth with a collection of elegant faux fur cushions. Soft and cosy to touch, they are especially nice to add throughout the autumn season. Whether it’s adding some fun to the lounge room or some warmth to the bedroom, faux fur cushions embody an appeal that never goes out of style. If you wish to get away from the cold of modern aesthetics, these are the perfect accessories to bring in a warm ambience.

Faux fur cushions offer luscious texture that add just the right depth and visual weight to any interior space. Partner with a cosy throw blankets to bring in inviting warmth and even more texture and interest to your living space. Less is more when it comes to faux fur, so try to limit it to one or two cushions, and bring in other complementing fabrics like cotton-linen and velvet. This will really add variation and elevate the space.

To use all-year-round, you may want to opt for faux fur cushions in lighter hues. Light greys, creams and lighter tans are not only perfect in the summer, but they blend effortlessly with a range of colours such as blue, pink and green tones, and even with trendy boho designs. If your place is full of cold-looking surfaces and modern lines, incorporating faux fur would lend great contrast to make the interior soft.