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An outdoor cushion set on a chair outside.

Outdoor Cushion Sets

Bring comfort and style to your external spaces with our outdoor cushion sets. Specially designed to withstand the elements, each collection includes durable yet fashionable pieces that are perfect for any outdoor setting. Whether you’re revamping your patio, deck, or garden seating, these collections add both flair and functionality. With easy to clean fabric, and their weatherproof design, they’re not just beautiful but practical too.

How to use Outdoor Cushion Sets

Use our outdoor cushion sets to effortlessly enhance your outdoor living space. The beauty of these pre-styled sets lies in their hassle-free coordination; they eliminate the often time-consuming process of matching individual designs, ensuring your outdoor furniture looks harmoniously stylish without any effort on your part. Each product has been thoughtfully curated with complementary colours and patterns, providing a professional design touch that might be hard to achieve on your own. Whether you’re entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet moment outside, these sets add a polished, inviting feel to any outdoor setting, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor relaxation experience with ease and flair.

Picking a size
Selecting the right-sized outdoor cushion set is crucial to ensure they complement your furniture while retaining functionality. The ideal number in your arrangement largely depends on the size of your furniture. Overcrowding a seat with too many designs can compromise its practical use, making it less user-friendly. Conversely, opting for too few may leave your furniture looking bare and under-styled. For a small two-seater outdoor couch, a set of three designs typically works well, striking a nice balance. Larger outdoor sofas can accommodate a set of five, offering ample styling opportunities without cluttering the space. If you have an even larger or modular outdoor setting, there's room to experiment with bigger combinations.

Consider your canvas
When selecting outdoor cushion sets, it's vital to consider the colour of your outdoor seating. This is essentially your background canvas for the artwork of your arrangement. If your outdoor furniture is in a neutral shade like beige, grey, or black, rejoice because these colours typically blend well with a wide range of other hues, giving you ample freedom in your colour choices. However, if your outdoor seating features coloured fabric, more thought is needed to ensure your choices complement the background. You can either play off the existing colour, choosing complementary hues close to it on the colour wheel, or perhaps different shades of the same colour. Alternatively, for a bolder statement, opt for contrasting colours, those that sit opposite on the colour wheel.

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