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A white wall has a stack of boucle cushions placed in front of it.

Boucle Cushions

Delve into the textured world of our boucle cushions. This unique range is incredibly soft due to the curly, looped yarn of the fabric, which provides a lovely tactile sensation. Ideal for adding depth to sleek modern interiors or enhancing the cosiness of traditional settings, these treasures offer both comfort and style. Introduce the chic, tactile appeal of boucle into your home with these designs.

How to use Boucle Cushions

Boucle cushions are a fantastic fusion of style and comfort, perfect for adding a cosy yet chic touch to any space. Their unique, looped yarn texture instantly draws the eye, adding depth and interest to your decor. These pieces are the epitome of comfort, inviting you to sink in and relax with their incredibly soft feel. What's more, boucle is remarkably versatile when pairing with other fabrics. Whether nestled against the smooth leather of your sofa, or against other designs in textured linen, they create a delightful contrast that enhances the layered look of your room.

Mixed fabrics
Combining boucle cushion covers with those made from other fabrics, like velvet or linen, can create a delightfully tactile and visually engaging collection. Imagine the plush, looped texture of boucle next to the smooth luxury of velvet or the natural, crisp feel of linen. This mix not only adds depth to your decor but also engages the senses, inviting you to touch and feel the varied textures. It’s perfect for creating a living space that's not only stylish but also rich in tactile experiences. You can play with these combinations on your sofa, armchairs, or even on a window seat. The key is to balance these textures in a way that each fabric complements the other, creating a harmonious yet interesting and inviting space.

Boucle only
Creating an arrangement exclusively with boucle cushions, while varying their sizes and shapes, offers a unique way to celebrate this material’s charm. This approach maintains a cohesive look through the commonality of fabric, yet adds dynamism through diverse sizes - from large, huggable squares to small, decorative rectangles. Such an arrangement works wonderfully in a minimalist setting where the boucle texture can stand out, or in a more eclectic space where these designs can add a unifying element. This setup can be particularly appealing in a snug space or as an inviting arrangement on your bed, offering both comfort and a chic aesthetic.

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