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Teal Cushions

Reminiscent of lush greenery or the ocean, teal is a versatile colour that can act as a backdrop for florals, a complementary shade to futuristic accents and or pop of colour in a neutral room. Our teal cushions are both punchy and loud, muted and staid, and can blend with nearly any style, from eclectic to traditional. Up your rooms’ cosy level and get free shipping on orders over $150 when you buy with us.


How to use Teal Cushions

In its vibrant state, teal is a striking, conversation starter — yet its soothing tone invites you to come in and relax. It finds its place in any room and works effortlessly well with a range of colours. From bold to subtle, our collection of teal accent cushions is sure to spice up your space. If you love a good pop of colour, then this punchy hue will add so much oomph no matter your design aesthetic.

Pairing teal and rich golden colours in velvet finish adds a sultry touch to contemporary and modern spaces. Both are fun-but-luxe colours and velvet is a lush material that lend so much elegance to interior spaces. For chic home décor, embrace the brightness of teal in a playful print or pattern. A mix of solids and geometric cushions will inject just the right charm to the scheme of things.

When it comes to incorporating the look and feel of the ocean in my home, teal, in a soothing shade can create a relaxing, casual atmosphere. Think ocean-inspired designs in shades of blue and grey, teal, bright white and shiny yellow. For this look to really work, accent the rest of the room with green plants and rustic or vintage pieces. It's possible to do an entire cushion arrangement in teal as well; just be sure to play with different textures and patterns, and pepper it with lots of eclectic or modern accents.

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