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A white wall has large outdoor cushions stacked in front of it.

Large Outdoor Cushions

Transform your outdoor area into a haven of comfort and style with our large outdoor cushions. These expansive designs are perfect for creating a plush and inviting ambiance in larger external living areas. Our selection boasts a variety of colours and patterns, all made from high-quality UV-resistant and waterproof material, guaranteeing durability against the elements. They’re perfect for lounging in opulence!

How to use our large outdoor cushions

Large outdoor designs are synonymous with comfort and luxury, offering an inviting appeal to any outdoor space. Incorporating large outdoor cushions into your collection can transform your patio or garden into a cosy retreat. Known for their plushness and ability to create a lounge-like atmosphere, these products are ideal for outdoor areas where relaxation is key. From a decorating perspective, they provide ample opportunity to introduce colour. When using large designs, consider the scale of your furniture and the balance of the space to avoid overcrowding. They work best on spacious seating arrangements, ensuring maximum comfort and style.

If you want to elevate the comfort and style of your outdoor space, you should consider including some large outdoor cushions into your set. These generously sized designs offer a delightful contrast to regular-sizes and are excellent for creating a dynamic arrangement. When combined with varied sizes, they add depth and an inviting look. Large designs also serve exceptionally well as a base in an arrangement, providing a plush backdrop against which the rest of your collection can stand out. They're also perfect as standalone pieces on spacious single seats, or in small groups on larger sofas where they add a touch of luxury.

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