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Blue and White Cushions

Famously known to be calming and peaceful, our blue and white cushion collection is a classic palette that works easily with both warm and cool tones. It’s no surprise that this combination always feels fresh, looks effortlessly stylish and lends itself beautifully to just about any interior aesthetic. Enjoy endless versatility with our stunning range from New Zealand’s biggest cushion store, plus free shipping on orders over $150.

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How to use Blue and White Cushions

A combination of blue and white remains a classic, and that’s exactly what our collection of cushions offer — timeless and effortless beauty. It’s also a pairing that always feels fresh, clean, stylish, and endlessly versatile, as it complements virtually any decor and works in just about any space. If you’re looking to incorporate your favourite colour, you can either opt for a calm and subtle hue, or a bold and energetic tone.

A combination of solids and varying patterns, especially stripes, in blue and white impart both a classic look and a coastal vibe. If you’re looking to bring in a light touch, lean into coastal blues and bright white to play up a sophisticated yet relaxing atmosphere. For a layer of richness, add pops of orange cushions to heighten the room’s “happy” mood.

Navy and white isn’t out of the question if you’re bringing in a few bright accents. To make your room feel effortless, start with a base of white and neutrals, then mix in your accent colours to give interest to the overall arrangement. Having a variation of blue shades, say navy and blue-grey, adds so much dimension and warmth to the space without much fuss. Alternatively, you may subtract accent colours and opt for deep darks instead to give the classic combination of blue and white a bit of a sophisticated edge.

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