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A single chair with a styled brown cushion arranged on it.

Brown Cushions

Our stunning collection of brown cushions have an ease and classic beauty that makes them fabulous showpieces in any interior space. A sophisticated neutral tone that lets you ground dramatic hues, or make a luscious statement in a rather subtle décor scheme. Create your own charming display with New Zealand’s best cushion range – even better, get free shipping on purchases over $150 and friendly customer support.


How to use Brown Cushions

Neutrals exude a welcoming warmth — brown is no exception! It’s a colour inspired by nature — and brings class and finery into contemporary, traditional, modern, scandinavian and vintage interior settings. Its ability to pair with just about any colour, both on the subtle and bold side of the spectrum, makes it a comfortable and versatile shade that’s well suited for any interior space.

Our collection of brown cushions offers various tones, from light to dark brown. Go chic and partner earthy light brown with dusty pink cushions. To this you can add pale beige for a feminine vibe or charcoal for contemporary appeal. For a modern glam look, brown pairs beautifully with gold cushions, and burnt orange and deep purple for vintage charm.

Feel free to mash together various patterns and textures, and do not be afraid to use as much colour as you wish for a lively look. A combination of velvet and lush woven knits will bring an aesthetically comforting and cosy vibe. In regard to incorporating accent colours to your brown cushion display, consider blending with bright hues for a certain look, like teal for an exotic appeal or yellow for a refreshing feel.

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