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A wooden armchair with a natural cushion placed off centre.

Natural Cushions

Looking to reinvigorate your home with a fresh and soothing colour palette? Well, we’ve got just the right magic for you! Our natural cushions in pure, harmonious shades are the perfect furnishings to create a restful yet timeless scheme. Order yours today and get free shipping on purchases over $150 plus reliable customer support.


How to use Natural Cushions

The is something about natural cushions that strike a balance between comfort and chic. Their natural palette and elegant design offer plenty of personality without having to worry about clashing colours. Like elegant Scandi cushions, they speak to our desire to live in inviting and cosy settings that don’t feel overly decorated. Whether you pair them with casual or ornate accents, they are sure to make impactful statement.

Laid-back and versatile, natural cushions bring understated visual interest and a blend of textures no matter your interior aesthetic. Layer muted tone-on-tone hues for a casual, but stylish effect. Taupe, ivory, off-whites and sage partner beautifully with warm wood tones. Small bursts of colourful cushions can be incorporated to lend a punch to an otherwise muted display.

Textural play is important when looking to achieve a cosy look with a signature minimal touch. Layering natural cushions in different fabrics creates a comfortable and inviting space with so much depth. Incorporate a few metal finishes to add a bit of warm glimmer and shine to the overall look. Seal your décor scheme with a soft, plush throw and stylish candles to accentuate your ambience level.