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Scandi Cushions

Scandi style is marked by light and minimalism, while still being functional and beautiful. Our scandi cushions tie together neutrals and muted pastels: from crisp whites, soothing pinks and cream beiges; and a playful mix of textures. Get in on the trend and shop New Zealand’s biggest cushion range. Enjoy free shipping when you spend over $150, plus friendly customer support.

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How to use Scandi Cushions

There is beauty in simplicity... and that’s what Scandi décor embody — an appreciation for aesthetics that express a sense of minimalism, functionality and fine craftsmanship. Clean lines, natural hues and understated décor accents set the standard. Our range of Scandi cushions are not just stunning pieces, but ultra-functional too. Like soft natural cushions, they effortlessly find their place in just about any interior setting.

The appeal and possibilities of decorating with Scandi cushions are endless. Neutrals such as shades of grey, off-whites, cream beiges are very ideal as they create a bright, clean backdrop. Soothing pops of soft blue, dusty pink, olive green and pale yellow offer a home the perfect balance of on-trend colour that feels subtle yet timeless. Bring in wood tones, leather accents and a few dark green foliage plants to complete your décor transformation.

If you’re looking to brighten up a space, a statement pop of gold mustard, forest green or purple with a slight grey undertone adds a rich punch without feeling too in your face. Plush velvet, faux fur and the warmth of knitted cushions bring texture and depth in the home while abiding to the minimal aesthetic. Incorporating soft and plush throws is a fantastic way to complement virtually all Scandinavian decor.

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