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A high chair with a duck egg blue cushion on its top.

Duck Egg Blue Cushions

Embrace the tranquil beauty of duck egg blue cushions, perfect for adding a serene touch to any room. Our extensive collection, the largest in New Zealand, offers a variety of sizes and textures to suit your style. Whether it’s for your sofa or bedroom, these designs promise to enhance your decor effortlessly. Elevate your space with these elegant accents today!

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How to use Duck Egg Blue Cushions

Duck egg blue cushions can help bring a soothing, serene touch to any space. This tranquil hue, reminiscent of a calm sea or a clear sky, has the unique ability to create a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for unwinding. Not only do they brighten up rooms with their airy and light-reflective qualities, making spaces feel more open and luminous, but they also offer incredible versatility in styling. Whether paired with soft neutrals for understated elegance or bold hues for a dynamic contrast, duck egg blue designs effortlessly adapt, enhancing any decor style. They're like a gentle embrace for your living space, blending comfort with chic sophistication.

Soft and serene
Duck egg cushions paired with soft neutrals like cream, beige, and light grey create a haven of tranquillity. This colour combination is like a gentle whisper in your decor, soothing and subtle. It's perfect for spaces where relaxation is key, like bedrooms or reading nooks. The softness of neutrals complements the cool, gentle hue of duck egg blue, crafting a harmonious balance that's easy on the eyes. Imagine sinking into a pile of these pieces after a long day - it's like a serene retreat in the comfort of your own home. Enhance this peaceful ambiance with soft textures like cotton or linen, and you've got a space that not only looks serene but feels it too.

Coastal charm
When combined with navy blue, white, and sandy tones, duck egg blue cushion covers can transport you straight to the seaside. This colour scheme captures the essence of the coast - think of the soft blue of the sky meeting the deeper blue of the ocean, with the sandy shores tying it all together. It’s perfect for creating a light, airy, and refreshing space. Whether you live by the sea or simply love the coastal vibe, this palette brings a breath of fresh ocean air into your home. Add in elements like driftwood accents, seashell decor, or striped patterns to enhance the nautical theme. It’s a timeless look that’s relaxed and inviting, ideal for places where you want to unwind and feel connected to nature.