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An arranged tower of striped outdoor cushions.

Striped Outdoor Cushions

Revitalise your outdoor haven with the enduring charm of our striped outdoor cushions. This iconic style, ideal for enhancing any deck, or outdoor area, exudes both sophistication and a hint of maritime allure. Our diverse range includes an array of colours and stripe sizes, each crafted from a robust UV-resistant and waterproof material to ensure long-lasting vibrancy and resilience.

How to use our striped outdoor cushions

Stripes are a timeless pattern that can bring a sense of order and style to any setting. Integrating striped outdoor cushions into your collection can add a classic or contemporary feel, depending on the stripe’s style. Known for their versatility, stripes can either elevate a space with a bold statement or blend harmoniously for a subtle effect. In outdoor areas, they are particularly effective for creating visual interest and drawing the eye, making your outdoor space more dynamic. When using stripes outside, consider their orientation and colour contrast to ensure they complement the surrounding environment and don't clash with other patterns or elements in your space.

Consider adding some striped outdoor cushions to your collection to create a dynamic, stylish look. Stripes are excellent for adding depth and movement to a set, creating an eye-catching focal point. Different stripe widths can dramatically alter the look: wide stripes make a bold statement, while narrower stripes offer a more subtle and refined aesthetic. The orientation of the stripes, whether horizontal or vertical, can also influence the perceived dimensions of the furniture. Pair a striped design with a suitable solid block colour for a quick and easy small set. While layering patterns over stripes can add dimension, be cautious to avoid clashing designs that can overwhelm the space.

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