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Sofa cushions in a light coloured living room.

Sofa Cushions

Sets of 5

Enhance your living room with our sofa cushions, a carefully curated collection designed for comfortable spaces. Each one features 5 beautifully matched designs, specifically chosen to complement larger sofas. These collections not only offer the ideal quantity, but also bring a cohesive and stylish look to your seating. Perfect for updating your room with a fresh, contemporary feel, our sofa cushion covers make redecorating effortless.

How to use Sofa Cushions

Use our expertly chosen sofa cushion covers for a seamless blend of style and functionality. Each collection, comprising five unique yet complementary designs, has been specifically crafted to enhance the aesthetic appeal of larger sofas, making them look full and inviting. The versatility in styling these collections provides an opportunity to refresh your living space's look effortlessly. Whether arranged symmetrically for a classic appeal or mixed for a more eclectic vibe, these wonderful compilations will add depth, comfort, and a personal touch to your sofa. They transform an ordinary seating area into an inviting and stylish space, perfect for relaxation or entertaining guests.

Arrange them like this
With five unique designs to play with, our sofa cushions offer a plethora of arranging options, each bringing a unique charm to your living space. The layered look is an artistic choice, where pieces are stacked by size or texture. Place the larger ones at the back and layer smaller or more textured ones in front, creating an arrangement full of depth and intrigue. For a more contemporary feel, try the asymmetrical look. Group three designs at one end of the sofa and two at the other, crafting a relaxed yet visually captivating setting. Alternatively, the classic symmetry look achieves a refined and orderly aesthetic. Place two pieces at each end of the sofa with one in the centre for a balanced, traditional vibe.

Blend your fabrics
If you want your sofa cushions to really shine, consider combining designs made from varied fabrics, such as; textured linen, plush velvet, soft boucle, and cotton. When used together, these fabrics create a visually engaging and tactilely diverse experience. The contrast in textures not only enhances visual interest but also invites touch, adding a layer of sensory richness to your sofa. We understand the importance of this interplay of textures, which is why our collections are meticulously designed to include a harmonious and appealing combination of these materials. We’ve done the hard work for you, and ensured each collection boasts a beautifully curated mix of fabrics for a sophisticated and inviting sofa arrangement.