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A dark timber high chair with a grey cushion at its top.

Grey Cushions

With its varying shades, whether light or dark, grey is a more elegant neutral that gives depth to subtle colours and makes bold tones pop. Our range of grey cushions are insanely chic and pretty cosy. Add excitement and a sort of modern glamour by shopping New Zealand’s biggest cushion range – plus you get free shipping on orders over $150 and friendly customer support.


How to use Grey Cushions

Grey is a neutral colour, and its simplicity emits feelings of warmth and texture. It can be introduced into a space in many shades from oh-so-pale to nearly-black — and its versatile nature will make you feel calm and comfortable. Grey lives in harmony with whites, beiges and blacks. Yet, it can play a beautiful supporting role to high-contrast hues.

To achieve a monochrome palette, a tonal layering of different shades of grey cushions is a wonderful way to build texture within a room. Incorporate cotton-linen, velvet and faux fur in your sofa or bed arrangement, then add a pop of white and vibrant blue cushions for unexpected but soothing twist. Soften the strong character of inky charcoal grey by partnering it with a rich lush navy and the glow of gold cushions in plush fabrics for a polished contemporary feel.

For those who love dramatic aesthetics, you can’t go past a combination of black and grey cushions. When paired thoughtfully, both colours can add depth, character and drama to a room. To keep the atmosphere by, incorporate pops of colour in a subtle and reserved manner. Splashes of orange, yellow, red, mustard or soft dusty pink colours prove that grey can be dynamic and exciting canvas.

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