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A curved single rattan seat with two blue outdoor cushions.

Blue Outdoor Cushions

Our blue outdoor cushion can help you introduce a calm and elegant vibe to your outdoor area. Our selection spans from deep, solid blues to lively stripes and eye-catching prints, all available in a range of sizes to suit your style. Each product is expertly crafted from materials that resist both UV rays and water, ensuring durability and long-lasting appeal. Transform your outdoor spaces with these blue beauties.

How to use our blue outdoor cushions

Blue is a colour that evokes feelings of calmness and serenity, making it a perfect choice for outdoor spaces. Blue outdoor cushions can bring a sense of ease to any garden or patio, mirroring the soothing qualities of the ocean. From a decorating perspective, blue is incredibly versatile, complementing both bold and subdued colour schemes. It's particularly great in outdoor areas for creating a relaxing retreat. However, it's important to consider how different shades of blue interact with the natural light and surrounding environment to maintain the desired ambiance.

To curate your own set of blue outdoor cushions, think about the collection’s patterns and size. For a cohesive blue look, mix and match different patterns in the same tone; a solid blue, a stripe, and a featured design work well together. If you prefer a varied colour scheme, complement blue with colours like warm yellow or beige, which harmonise beautifully. The collection size depends on your furniture: one or two in a set for a single seat, three for a small couch, and up to five or seven for larger seating. Be mindful of not overcrowding your space, keeping it comfortable and stylish.

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