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A curved rattan seat with a red outdoor cushion placed on it.

Red Outdoor Cushions

Revamp your outdoor living area with the dynamic allure of our red outdoor cushions. Ideal for adding a bold and sophisticated flair to your deck or garden, these products are available in an array of sizes and diverse patterns to suit any taste. Each design is made using a high-grade UV-resistant and waterproof fabric, ensuring lasting vibrancy and resilience. Delight in the transformative power of this striking colour.

How to use our red outdoor cushions

Red is a colour of passion and energy, and is often used to make a bold statement in outdoor spaces. Our red outdoor cushions can transform a patio or garden into a vibrant and inviting area. Known for its ability to attract attention, red is great for creating a focal point in outdoor decorating. It pairs exceptionally well with greenery, offering a lively contrast. When using red outside, consider its intensity; a few well-placed designs can invigorate a space without overwhelming it. Balancing red with neutral tones or natural elements can also create a harmonious outdoor environment.

To put together a well-considered collection that features red outdoor cushions, it’s important to consider the patterns you’ll use and the number of designs in your arrangement. For a bold, all red look, mix different patterns within the red spectrum, like a solid red, a red stripe, and a feature piece that also has red highlights. If you prefer a varied palette, complement red with contrasting colours like our navy blue or soft beige, which accentuate its warmth. The number of designs in your collection should complement the size of your furniture. A couple for a single seat, three for a smaller couch, and five or more for bigger setups.