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An elegant chair featuring a geometric cushion.

Geometric Cushions

Geometric prints are all the rage in interior design! Our ever-dynamic geometric cushions in ultra-cool fabrics make a punchy colour statement. This fashionable range will inspire you to weave character into your decorating scheme – better yet, you get free shipping on orders over $150 and friendly customer support.


How to use Geometric Cushions

Geometric prints usher in style and intrigue in any interior space. However, it can be incredibly intimidating infusing patterns into your décor scheme. Geometric cushions are the easiest way to bring life into a space that lacks purpose and pizzazz. What’s more, laying different patterns has become an ongoing trend, and generally underpin most decor styles, from modern to eclectic aesthetics.

As part of your sofa arrangement, bold chevron cushions can add a punchy presence and bring a bit of drama when paired with geometric prints. For a bold and rich look, vivid jewel tones like sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, citrine yellow, and emerald green can be introduced to add a retro twist to a calm and subdued background. If your decorating scheme is hard to pigeonhole, go for geometric cushions with timeless appeal.

If you desire a calm mood, choose geometric cushions in soft tonal colours. This will soften the look of a room with a dark background and dark wood tones with grace and ease. A display of white, beige and grey Nordic style covers provides the perfect canvas for oversized geometric patterns. If you’re ready to integrate the shapely look of hexagons, diamonds, quatrefoils, and more into your décor, be sure to choose the right colours that will accentuate the overall appeal of your interior space.

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