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A three piece arrangement of vintage cushions.

Vintage Cushions

Looking to fill your home with charm and character. Vintage cushions offer a distinctive retro look filled with warmth and nostalgia, yet still feel tied to modern aesthetic. Shop your favourite pieces today showcasing vintage-inspired details and get free fast shipping on orders over $150, plus friendly customer support.


How to use Vintage Cushions

The beauty of a room showcasing vintage aesthetics is charmingly old-fashioned, quirky, individualistic and far from basic. It’s a far-reaching style that makes it easy to show off creativity by simply making a statement with furnishings, fabrics, accessories and colours that were popular decades back. Vintage cushions are one-of-a-kind, offering interesting decorating opportunities that will add timeless elegance and beauty to your home.

Although there is no hard-and-fast vintage colour scheme, you’ll generally find that the vintage cushions are soft in intensity, uses a lot of creamy white, and gets colourful with mint green, pink, soft blue, palest lavender or buttery yellow. Hints of dark saturated colours or intense brights paired with earthy tones can be introduced to the scheme of things. Including patterns adds so much life, especially leafy flowers or other botanicals prints.

Vintage furnishings can add so much personality and artistic quality to the home. It can be a lot of fun to mix and match with funky retro cushion covers in different motifs. Unique decor accessories, flower designs in pale colours or retro paintings on white frames are very romantic and elegant details that partner beautifully with vintage cushions.