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Bed cushions styled in a bedroom scene.

Bed Cushions

Sets of 4

Transform your bedroom into a haven of comfort and style with our bed cushions. Each collection, containing 4 beautifully coordinated designs, has been handpicked for the ultimate dreamy experience. These beauties strike the perfect balance in quantity and style, and are tailored to enhance the look and feel of any bed. Ideal for creating a plush, inviting atmosphere, they offer both aesthetic appeal and cosy comfort.

How to use Bed Cushions

Use our bedroom cushions to make a personal style statement and to add luxurious comfort. Our collections allow you to express your individual style and bring a personal touch to your sleeping space. Whether you prefer bold patterns, vibrant colours, or subtle textures, they let you showcase your personality and design preferences. Beyond aesthetics, they provide extra comfort, making your bed a perfect spot for reading or relaxing. Plus, updating your bedroom look doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive; simply changing a few designs can give your room a quick and affordable makeover.

Look for colours
Coordination is key in creating a visually harmonious bedroom, and bed cushions are perfect for this. By matching their colours with other elements in the bedroom, like curtains, rugs, or even wall art, you create a cohesive look that ties the room together. For instance, if you have a blue accent wall, incorporating shades of blue in your arrangement can amplify the room’s colour story. It’s not just about matching colours; it’s about layering shades and tones to add depth. For a subtler effect, pick up on secondary colours in your room's palette to expand the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom.

Vary your sizes
Playing with different sizes and shapes in your bed cushions arrangement can add an element of depth and creativity to your bedroom decor. Mix large designs with smaller ones, and use rectangular shapes to create an engaging and inviting bed setup. This variety breaks the monotony of uniform sizes and adds a playful touch to your bedroom. You could start with larger designs at the back and layer forward with progressively smaller ones. This approach not only adds visual interest but also provides different levels of support and comfort. We’ve used this thinking when curating our selection so you don’t need to worry about which sizes will work best.