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A timber seat with a yellow cushion sitting on top of it.

Yellow Cushions

Whether your style is rustic or modern, there are countless possibilities when decorating with yellow to bring a sunny disposition to your space. Our yellow cushions are remarkably easy to warm up or cool down any other colour, making them more than palatable for all the seasons. Add a stylish touch with New Zealand’s biggest cushion range, and enjoy free shipping on all purchases over $150.

How to use Yellow Cushions

Bright and vibrant, yellow is the perfect colour if you’re looking to refresh your room styling. Our range of yellow cushions are an easy-going team player that work well with every other colour and easily adapt to any design aesthetic. A bright shade of yellow will sharpen up your colour palette, while a muted tone keeps everything subtle yet stylish enough to stand out.

To neutral décor, yellow cushions can be a seamless update that add a light-hearted touch to the room’s style. Dark saturated yellow offers a striking backdrop to dreamy pastel peach, pink, yellow, grey, and brown throw cushions. For a bold and playful look, the balance between warm yellow, cool green and subtle blues make a winning combination — whether you go with brights or tone it down with softer tints of these colours.

Pair yellow cushions with black or navy for a sophisticated and contemporary look, or with blue and white linen fabrics to create a coastal feel with a colourful touch. For maximum warmth and texture, incorporate yellow cushions in various textures — cotton, knitted, velvet — and pair with metallic finishes for elegant aesthetic. Think bronze pendant lights and stools with interesting frames — these finishes accentuate yellow's shining personality.