An outdoor rattan seat with two grey outdoor cushions on it.

Grey Outdoor Cushions

Dress up your outdoor space in the understated luxury of our grey outdoor cushions. Wonderfully suited for the contemporary alfresco area, these designs blend seamlessly with any decor, offering a palette that ranges from minimalist monotones to inventive patterns. Each one has been meticulously crafted from high-grade material with superior UV and water resistance, promising both style and endurance. Delight in the sophistication they bring.

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How to use our grey outdoor cushions

Grey is a colour known for its versatility and modern elegance, making it an excellent choice for outdoor living areas. Grey outdoor cushions provide a sophisticated, neutral base that can complement any outdoor decor style. This colour is particularly effective in outdoor living areas as it blends well with various architectural elements and natural surroundings, creating a seamless aesthetic. When using grey outside, consider incorporating textures and patterns to add depth and prevent the space from looking too monochromatic.

Creating a stylish ensemble with our grey outdoor cushions involves considering patterns and the size of the collection. For a harmonious all grey set, mix different patterns together such as a solid grey, a grey stripe, and a floral design. Alternatively, if you prefer a multi-colored scheme, grey pairs beautifully with accents like pink or rich teal, adding a pop of colour while maintaining a refined look. For the arrangement, a single seat can be enhanced with a set of one or two, a smaller couch with three, and a larger sofa can accommodate five. Just ensure the space remains comfortable and functional.