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Dark seating with styled set of yellow outdoor cushions.

Yellow Outdoor Cushions

Inject a ray of sunshine into your outdoor living space with our vibrant yellow outdoor cushions. Available in a selection of sizes, they offer a lively and stylish accent for any outdoor space. Our range is adorned with a variety of eye-catching patterns, each crafted from high-quality, UV-resistant and waterproof material for durability and low maintenance. These products are ideal for adding a splash of colour.

How to use our yellow outdoor cushions

Yellow is a colour that embodies cheerfulness and sunshine and is perfect for brightening outdoor spaces. By using our yellow outdoor cushions, you can infuse a patio or garden with a sense of joy and vitality. Known for its uplifting properties, yellow is excellent from a decorating perspective, especially in outdoor living areas where it can create a warm, welcoming ambiance. It pairs well with greenery and can energise a space with its vibrant hue. However, when using yellow outside, it's important to balance its brightness with more subdued colours to ensure the space remains pleasing to the eye.

Creating a well put together set with our yellow outdoor cushions involves considering the tone of the patterns and the collection's size. To go all in on an exclusively yellow theme, mix different patterns in the same hue. An easy way would be to pick a solid yellow, a yellow stripe, and a geometric or palm print in yellow as a feature piece. If you prefer a more toned down scheme, complement the yellow with hues like cool grey or rich navy, which work well to balance out the yellow’s brightness. For the size of the arrangement, stick with one or two designs for a single seat, three for a smaller couch, and five for a larger sofa.

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