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A carved wooden seat featuring an orange cushion.

Orange Cushions

Make yourself comfortable and add a stylish touch to your home with elegant orange cushions. The brighter the hue, the better! This collection is a wonderful accessory for any room in need of a striking focal point. Buy today for free shipping on orders over $150 and get to experience New Zealand’s biggest cushion range.


How to use Orange Cushions

Details around orange can be engaging and uplifting, evoking the daring side of red and the sunny side of yellow. Sprinkle it throughout your interior with art, throw cushions, lighting and homeware. Orange cushions can be contemporary and eccentric, playful and jubilant or quiet and laid-back. Depending on your interior aesthetics, you can choose from an unexpected dash of bright shades of sunny tangerines to the warm tones of burnt orange.

Orange can be passionate or intimidating — when done right, it can give you a much needed dose of enthusiasm and personality. The secret to using bold orange is balancing it with neutral tones. Introduce ivory and soft greys in a variety of fabric textures to ground your scheme — or include touches of white and pale blue for a light-hearted cheer, and brown for a cosy and inviting living space.

Looking for a vibrant, invigorating and stimulating décor scheme? Orange pairs beautifully with yellow and other warm tones to paint a fun, playful and optimistic atmosphere. When teamed with red, it can be dramatic and intense as they are both prominent colours. For a more extravagant, unique and extraordinary combination, partner burnt orange with black cushions. Black puts a sophisticated spin in home decor, so they are a works-every-time combination.

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