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A bed is shown with different cushion inserts sitting on it.

Cushion Inserts

Discover the perfect complement to your stylish covers with our premium cushion inserts. Designed to be luxuriously plump and maintain their shape over time, these inners ensure your cushions never look flat or uninviting. We understand the importance of ethical choices, which is why we exclusively offer microblend cushion inners, a superior and humane alternative to polyester or feather products. Invest in our down-alternative inners today – they’re a more ethical and stylish choice.

Built to last

Crafted for longevity, our cushion inserts are meant to stand the test of time. Unlike polyester inners that rapidly sag and come with delicate covers prone to tearing, our inners boast resilience. They maintain their form thanks to the special microblend fibres, while the robust 100% Japara cotton cover offers exceptional durability and resistance to stains, significantly extending the life of the insert.

More ethical

Some feather and down insert products come from places where the standards for animal welfare are often minimal or merely optional. The harsh practices of live plucking and the dire conditions animals endure for feather and down production are unfortunate truths. We stand firm in our dedication to cruelty-free offerings, guaranteeing that your home's comfort is achieved without compromising the well-being of animals.

Karate chop!

The ‘chop’ is a popular styling method where you fluff up a cushion and then give a gentle chop to its top, creating an opulent and sophisticated appearance. Thanks to their superior filling, our cushion inners are perfect for this technique. They are effortlessly moldable and lend themselves well to various styling preferences, making them highly sought after by interior decorators and home styling enthusiasts.

Indoor or outdoor

Whether adorning your indoor sofas and beds or enhancing your outdoor seating areas, our cushion inserts are the ideal choice for both settings. Their special design allows them to effectively repel moisture and withstand mildew, ensuring they are as suitable for the cosy indoors as they are for the rigours of outdoor use. Experience chic and comfortable versatility in every setting with these adaptable cushion inners.

Full and consistent

The microblend fill in our cushion inners surpasses feather and polyester in maintaining its shape. Feather inserts tend to lose their fullness rapidly and need constant refluffing. Polyester options are prone to bunching and don't adequately reach the corners. Our microblend fill, on the other hand, is remarkably cosy, excellently preserves its shape, and remains plump for an extended period, ensuring lasting comfort and a consistently attractive appearance.

Odourless and hypoallergenic

Our cushion inserts are good news for allergy sufferers. These hypoallergenic inners are free from animal by-products and the often accompanying musty scent typical of feather inners. Additionally, each element is rigorously tested to meet OEKOTEX standard 100, confirming they're free from any harmful substances, offering peace of mind alongside comfort.

Simple maintenance

Cleaning traditional feather and polyester cushion inserts can be a hassle, with common issues like shape distortion or lingering odours post-wash. However, our microblend cushion inners offer a refreshing alternative! When they require cleaning, just pop them into the washing machine and dryer. For optimal results, we advise a warm wash in the machine on a separate cycle, followed by a warm cycle in the tumble dryer, making upkeep a breeze.