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An outside wall with tropical outdoor cushions laying against it.

Tropical Outdoor Cushions

Escape to a paradise retreat right in your backyard with our tropical outdoor cushions. These designs, adorned with vivid prints of lush foliage and exotic birds, instantly transform any outdoor setting into a vibrant oasis. Made from a special UV-resistant and waterproof material, they are built to withstand the sun and rain, ensuring lasting beauty. Available in multiple sizes, they offer both visual appeal and ultimate comfort.

How to use our tropical outdoor cushions

Tropical designs are synonymous with vibrancy and relaxation, evoking the essence of lush, exotic destinations. Incorporating tropical outdoor cushions into your collection can instantly elevate the ambiance of your outdoor space. Known for their vivid motifs like flowers, birds, foliage, and palms, these designs bring a burst of life and colour, ideal for creating a playful and inviting outdoor retreat. From a decorating perspective, they add a touch of nature-inspired beauty. However, when using tropical designs, balance is key. Pair them with solid colours to avoid visual clutter and ensure the space remains harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

When creating your outdoor set, consider using some of our tropical outdoor cushions. They can infuse a sense of exotic vibrancy and are fantastic at bringing a lively, naturalistic feel to an arrangement. From a design perspective, tropical birds add a sense of freedom and vivacity, while tropical flowers introduce romance and colorfulness. Foliage and palms, on the other hand, evoke a sense of lushness and tranquillity. Pair these tropical patterns with simple block colours or stripes to create an effortlessly coordinated collection.

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