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A white wall with block printed cushions arranged in front of it.

Block Printed Cushions

Elevate your home with our block printed cushions, where timeless artistry meets contemporary design. Each cushion is handcrafted by our seamstress, using luxurious fabrics adorned with traditional Indian hand block prints. These designs infuse your space with unique patterns and a rich cultural heritage, celebrating the beauty of handcrafted imperfections. Enhance your decor with these exquisite pieces, combining age-old techniques with modern elegance for a truly unique touch.


How to use Block Printed Cushions

Showcase artisanal craft
Use block printed cushions to highlight cultural heritage in your home decor. These pieces, with their intricate designs and rich history, serve as excellent conversation starters. Place them in prominent locations such as your living room sofa or a reading nook to draw attention to their unique patterns and craftsmanship. This approach not only adds a touch of global elegance to your space but also honours the centuries-old tradition of Indian block printing.

Create an eclectic mix
Combine block printed cushions with other styles and textures to create an eclectic and personalised look. Pair them with solid-coloured designs or those with different patterns to add depth and interest to your seating arrangement. The distinctive designs of these designs provide a striking contrast that enhances the visual appeal of your decor. This mix-and-match method allows you to express your unique style while maintaining a cohesive and stylish interior.

Accent specific areas
Use block printed cushions to accent specific areas of your home, such as a window seat, an entryway bench, or an accent chair. Their vibrant colours and detailed patterns make them perfect for adding a pop of colour and design to otherwise understated spaces. By strategically placing these cushions in key areas, you can elevate the overall aesthetic of your home and create inviting spots that showcase your appreciation for artisanal craftsmanship.