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A white wall acts as a backdrop to a stack arrangement of boho cushions.

Boho Cushions

If you’re looking to bring in a dynamic and intriguing touch, lean into our range of boho cushions. The evocative geometric patterns and strong vivid hues is an easy way to create a sharp focus in any room – especially one with a palette of neutrals. Shop your favourite pieces today from New Zealand’s biggest cushion store and get free shipping on orders over $150.

How to use Boho Cushions

A mix of beautiful, enchanting soft furnishings guarantee the kind of summer we spend days dreaming of. Our collection of boho cushions place style and personality at the centre of attention. With the right combination of textures, colours and patterns, it doesn’t take much to create a charming bohemian aesthetic. Almost nothing conjures up the free-spirited, wanderlust vibe quite like memorable layers and unique decorative elements.

For your bohemian cushions to really stand out, start with a base of warm and earthy tones. A muted background acts as the perfect canvas to pile up expressive pops of colour, texture and pattern without it being painfully overbearing and loud. It will also emphasis your chosen decorative cushions, making them effortlessly take centre stage. A refined mix of colours and patterns that speak to your soul allow you to create a strong bohemian design that doesn’t feel like a wild scene.

To create a refined bohemian cushion-scape, you may want to pick and choose one or two patterns in your arrangement. Layering plain, ethnic and shape-based designs in jewel tones of sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, citrine yellow, and emerald green, and pairing these with metallic finishes offers an eclectic, ethereal finish without losing the room’s modern edge. Bringing in varying textures adds so much dimension and visual weight — making boho style more appealing and truly unique.

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