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A timber chair faces forward with a gold cushion in its middle.

Gold Cushions

Gold carries an untamed elegance that many find in formal spaces, but can create a truly eclectic look all at the same time. Our stylish gold cushions add patina and a “wow” touch with very little effort. Set your home interior’s opulence with New Zealand’s best cushion range by shopping with us today. We offer free shipping on purchases over $150 and friendly customer support.

How to use Gold Cushions

Gold accents are a trend that never really goes out style — and what better way to infuse elegance into your home than with gold cushions. Hints of glitz placed strategically can easily and effortless become the focal point of the room. Gold cushions have become a go to accent that fit beautifully in a range of décor styles, from classic settings to contemporary living spaces and everything in-between.

Incorporating gold cushions and pairing them with the rest of your room decorating elements requires a delicate balance. Too much of metallic accents can make a room seem too tacky or overly done — and too little goes unnoticed. In neutrally decorated living spaces, gold cushions are allowed to sing on their own. Here, you may decide to pair solids and patterned teals in similar designs. The results? A harmonious look that exude crisp contemporary class.

For a more striking look, colours with a saturated sunset undertone and rich jewel-toned hues partner especially well when set against gold. Gold cushions naturally casts a warm glow when teamed with rusty oranges, emerald green, cobalt, ruby red and amethyst purple cushions. Go for high impact with a striking and regal combination of gold and dark black cushions. A darker shade like black screams mystery, and pairing with a gleaming tone gives any space the desired glamour associated with luxury.