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A high chair with a black and white cushion placed upon it.

Black and White Cushions

A black and white palette is a classic combination with virtually endless possibilities from subdued to statement-making. Whether you are colour-phobic or colour obsessed, you’re guaranteed to fall for our range of black and white cushions. Highlight gorgeous details in your space by exploring New Zealand’s biggest cushion range and get free shipping on orders over $150.


How to use Black and White Cushions

As a monochromatic duo, black and white defines the ideals of classic design, and for good reason — it's revitalising, and has the power to maximise your decorating statement while adding a sense of architectural elegance. Black and white throw cushions offer endless versatility, mainly because they effortlessly complement both neutral and bold colours — in almost any scenario.

The visual contrast of black and white will provide a sense of balance to bold hues while lending a graphic punch that’s nothing but timeless. Perfect foundation pieces for reds, blues, pink, green or yellow accents, black and white cushions keep classic style from looking dated, contemporary style looking fresh, and sets the tone for modern minimalist design. Bright throw pillows pop against black and white for a high-energy space — while warm neutrals go a long way to warm up the starkness of a monochromatic base.

Inviting textures add comfort and style to your living space — so how about a combination of black and white cushions in cotton fabric paired beautifully with soft block colours. On the flip side, black and white can stand on its own to keep the display feeling airy, uncluttered and modern. To perfect this monochromatic look, bring in more accents in white, dark grey and dark wood finish.

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