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Knitted Cushions

Create a one-of-a-kind decor scheme by incorporating knitted textures that feel warm and cosy. Durable fabric and modern design make our knitted cushions suitable as both a cherry atop the bedding or as a comfy living room accent. Add over $150 of cushion covers to your shopping cart and get free shipping, plus world-class customer support.

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How to use Knitted Cushions

Knitted cushions are the perfect addition to any interior space. They add so much visual interest, texture and personality. In modern spaces, they bring warmth and cosiness to an otherwise “cold” ambience, and can transform a traditional or country interior space into a truly unique setting. Because knitted cushions carry so much tactility, they pair beautifully with other fabrics such as velvet, faux fur and cotton.

You can create a fabulously elegant interior by infusing knitted cushions in thoughtful colour palettes. A neutral colour scheme is well suited for any interior style, particularly contemporary spaces — and evoke sophisticated flair that feels authentic and timeless. What’s more, neutrals partner effortlessly with a range of colours to create a lively retreat; from soft pastels to jewel tones. Pair shades of white with ivory, taupe and lush greens for your space to appear clean, welcoming and well-designed.

In Scandinavian-inspired settings, knitted cushions in soft pastels lend themselves beautifully to white walls, natural wood floors and a neutral couch. Olive, dusty pink and soft yellow tones offer a significant amount of pop and cosy to the room. Soft faux fur cushions add extra texture and visual weight when paired with knitted soft furnishings. Whatever your décor taste, opt for colours and textures that will give your home a more relaxed appeal in the summertime, and a comfy and cosy atmosphere during the winter season.

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