Get the mid century modern style using cushions

A contemporary style sofa with different patterned cushions in different sizes and texture.

Mid Century Modern style is characterised by clean aesthetics and evokes a timeless style synonymous with the period from the mid 1950s to the early 1960s.

What is the Mid Century Modern style?

Quality material and sophisticated detailing is key to mid century modern style; and features the use of understated finishes, organic shapes, clean lines and minimal embellishment that are often sleek, functional and stylish.

The style is refined, uncomplicated and wonderfully comfortable — and achieves balance by relying on function, simple form and the use of fewer choice pieces. Denmark and Finland are key influence of this interior style, and home to some of mid century modern’s leading designers.

A cream sofa and dark grey high back chair decorated with colourful cushions for a pop of colour.

Features, colours, patterns and textures

Using neutral, white, black and grey hues is the hallmark of mid century style and forms an elegant, crisp and clean canvas on which to build your décor scheme. Other earthy shades can be incorporated but in subtle accent hues such as olive green, pumpkin, orange, burnt umber and chocolate brown.

Statement colours perfect for a sophisticated warm palette include taupe, turquoise, yellow and pink; and these can be added through accent accessories and soft furnishings.

Geometric prints, and repeated patterns found on glassware, wallpaper, drapery and throw cushions are key features in a mid century modern scheme. This style often features a masculine edge which is brought out by metallic finishes like silver and brass; and enhances its opulent and stylish aesthetics.

A highback chair decorated with a patterned cushion with a couple of block coloured cushions to achieve a vintage contemporary look.

Creating a Mid Century Modern look with cushions

So how do you fit a mid century modern style into your own home? There are key rules to follow and we have coordinated a few cushions to make it easier for you to incorporate this style into your home and make it your own. Here’s how you make it work.

When selecting accessories, it’s important to choose key pieces that will accentuate the scheme without adding clutter or detracting from the overarching design feel.

In this scene, the white forms a perfect backdrop for striking furniture and accessories. The timber coffee table, floor lamp, sofa and armchair add visual height to avoid the space from seeming too flat. The area rug adds texture and a warm and comfortable finish.

A cozy sofa perfect for lounging, decorated with cushions in diagonal patterns that adds a little playfulness in the space.

Look 1: Our Ellmann Collection

For this first look, we’ve opted for our Ellmann 7 Cushion Cover Collection which works well to blend mid century aesthetics with a Scandi appeal. It works pretty well when paired with a neutral background to create a relaxing haven that you need.

A large brown velvet cushion is brought in to offer a comfortable solid base, and teamed with our patterned Rudy Bold cushions in varied sizes. The graphic patterned cushions are a perfect marriage between a sleek and a distinctive contemporary touch. A single rectangular velvet cushion offer variation in size and shapes.

Our stunning teal cushion adds a unique interest to the scheme of things, and tone beautifully with the knitted throw and area rug. The potted indoor plants uplift the entire décor and bring a hint of the outdoors in.

To achieve a similar look, incorporate our Ellmann Collection into a neutral colour scheme. Add a few accessories to give the room a chic, Scandinavian edge.

Shop the look…

outdoor cushion in Pastel Blue colour
A pair of cushion in brown, yellow, and blue triangle patterns, a white and yellow cushion a blue cushion, a rectangular cushion with moose design, a brown rectangular cushion and one square brown cushion
floor cushion in Dark Brown colour - 70x70cm
A contemporary style sofa with different patterned cushions along with a grey fur cushion and a mustard floor cushion

Look 2: Our Wellsford Collection

In this scene, we’ve selected our Wellsford 8 Cushion Cover Collection which lends a unique, sophisticated flair to the overall scheme.

We have introduced rich and vivid elements with two graphic patterned cushions in gold mustard, rust and pink hues. The large mid grey cushions add a tailored appearance and unify the entire look. To keep the décor scheme interesting, our plush Islington Ecru Fur cushion adds texture and depth, while the large floor cushion gives extra cosiness to the room.

You may achieve this look by using our Wellsford Collection and pairing it with soothing neutral colours, warm pleasant to the touch material and rich textures. Additions of indoor plants are an excellent choice for a fresh and organic finish.

Shop the look…

a square fur cushion in Light Grey - 45cm x 45cm
two plain grey cushion cover a pair of pink,grey and orange patterned cushion cover, a black and white cushion cover in black and white, a grey fur cushion cover, and two rectangular cushion cover in mustard
floor cushion in Gold colour - 70x70cm
A contemporary style sofa with different patterned cushions in pink,red and purple

Look 3: Our Loki Pop Collection

This time we have opted for our Loki Pop 6 Cushion Cover Collection which features rich and vibrant hues that breathe life into a neutral colour palette.

In this scene, large graphic patterned cushions create a warm base and elevate the room’s aesthetic appeal. In front of these, we’ve placed cushions in solid colours which contribute to a fresh, bright and happy feel to the room. To maintain a cosy feel, we’ve brought in a knitted throw for texture and a woven ottoman for casual lounging. The colours in this scene blend effortlessly together and exude a sense of calm to the room.

Create this look by adding our Loki Pop Collection and pairing it with a neutral sofa and other soft furnishings. Introduce different textures and allow the overall look to be both rich and restful.

Shop the look…

cushion with Warm Hues Diamond pattern.
three multi coloured cushion, two plain dark red cushion, and 1 rectangular cushion in green
cushion in Acid Burgundy - 45x45cm

Other ways to incorporate Mid Century Modern style into your home

A collection of 4 cushion covers in blue and grey colours and in solid and spiral design

Pisces Collection

To achieve a mid century modern style, choose this collection and pair it with neutral furniture accents and soft furnishing and allow the existing teal accents to standout.

6 cushion covers with brown and red colours and in square and rectangular shapes

Allanton Collection

With this collection, textures and colours are inviting and playful; and can work really well if you are looking for a slightly feminine and chic mid century modern look. It pairs well with neutral, tan or chocolate brown accents and soft furnishings; and shines against mid to dark timber tones.

A collection of 4 multi-coloured, burnt orange and olive square cushions

Knoll Collection

This collection is perfect for orchestrating an opulent and classic mid century modern look. To achieve a unique and purposeful feel, pair it with timber tones and other mid century inspired colours like greens, rusts, black and neutrals.

A mix of 6 cushions in grey, blue and yellow colours

Ashbury Collection

This collection works brilliantly if you favour a pared down and subtle nod to mid century modern interiors. It works well when teamed with soft furnishings in green and grey hues or light walnut to dark timber finishes.

Happy styling!

Simply Cushions Team