Get the coastal style using cushions

Living room decorated with different kinds of cushions in navy blue and cream colours.

Coastal style reminds you of exotic trips and lazy summer days on the beach.

What is Coastal style?

Bring fresh beach-living into your home with coastal style — with its comfortable, relaxed and fun aesthetics that blur the line between indoors and outdoors. It incorporates natural materials and fabrics, and highlights gentle ocean hues and sun-bleached whites that fill you with a sense of calm and wellbeing.

The tranquil influence of coastal style injects a hint of a carefree, airy and cheerful atmosphere into your home; while merging a relaxed glamour of high-end retreat and a simplistic elegance. This style embraces open and soothing spaces and show-case sea inspired accents, oversized furniture pieces and sailboats prints.

Blue and beige cushions to complete the beach inspired look of the living room.

Features, colours, patterns and textures

To bring the sea-side into your home, introduce colours inspired by the sky, sea and sand — off-whites, light taupes, soft greys, marine tones and deep navy shades. These hues are perfect for creating a playful look that is both soothing and inviting.

To add vibrancy and a little more punch to your décor scheme; warm corals, reds and little bursts of aqua can bring an in-with-the-new feel into your interior.

Textures crafted from natural and organic materials such as rattan, sea grass, wicker, ropes serve best in accentuating the coastal style further without the need for strong use of colour.

Fabrics that are comfy and simple are particularly suited for this style; linen, muslin, cotton, silk, calico — in varying whites, washed-out pastels and tailored stripes. Pattern motifs such as anchors and shells fit perfectly with coastal living and can be found on soft furnishings like cushions, throws and wall hangings.

Kintted and patterned cushion in blue and cream for an added modern look.

Creating a coastal look with cushions

A sure winner for a stylish coastal-inspired home is to keep everything light and simple and incorporate design elements inspired by the seaside. To help you achieve a breezy and effortless look, we’ve coordinated a few cushions from our various collections. Here’s how you bring it together…

Being by the coast is fun and relaxing and therefore your furniture choice should offer a laid-back and incorporate material found on the beach. Consider furniture pieces such as folding chairs, coffee tables stools and shelves in wood finishes to bring the outdoors in.

Wood can be weathered, stained or painted white. Open-weave rugs in natural fibres fit perfectly into the scheme of things and evoke a sense of warmth. Using Hamptons Cushions, a style synonymous with an easy going Coastal vibe, can really help bring out these furniture finishes.

Select matching lamps in wood finishes and for a home with larger windows; accentuate the light with mirrors around the room. To enhance your look, display coastal inspired flowers and indoor plants in various sizes.

Cushion accents in blue,gray and muted yellow for a ocean inspired aesthetic.

Look 1: Our Jupiter Collection

In this scene, we have selected our Jupiter 6 Cushion Cover Collection which embraces the comfort of coastal living with its sea inspired tones.

Here, a neutral background is enhanced and brought to life by patterned cushions with bright and warm tones that give this space an instant restyle. We then added a slice of elegance with round occasional tables that break the sharp edges of this décor scheme. The woven basket and lantern in organic material work harmoniously together without feeling dull.

To create this look, add visual interest with vibrant prints and colours from our Jupiter Collection to a neutral room. Introduce varied textures by embracing the grace of natural materials such as wood, rattan and bamboo.

outdoor cushion in Pastel Blue colour
a pair of patterned cushion, a pair of skyblue cushion,one diamond design cushion and one ikat design cushion.
cushion cover with Mustard and Blue Tones Ikat pattern.
Cozy sofa decorated with decorative navy and white cushions

Look 2: Our Hokitika Collection

This time we’ve opted for the Hokitika Cushion Cover Collection which features a combination of deep blues and whites for a classic Mediterranean inspired look. The cushions colour palette is simple yet rich in textural feel, which works perfectly in a room that already has a number of ornate material.

We teamed beige cable knit cushions with graphic cotton linen cushions in blue tones for a timelessly stylish coastal look. The graphic cushions really bring depth and dimension, and create a striking focal point into the heart of the room. The gorgeous blue floor cushion, woven basket and white throw introduce texture and nautical feel to the overall scheme.

To achieve this look, add our Hokitika Collection to a pared-back neutral interior setting. Incorporate natural accents and different sizes of indoors plants for a calming coastal vibe.

floor cushion in Royal Blue colour - 70x70cm
Three piece patterned square cushion in blue and white colours and one cable knit with buttons design cushion.
cushion in Blue Blossom pattern - 45x45cm
A collection of decorative cushion in different texture and patterns

Coastal Style Look 3: The Mangawhai Collection

In this last look, we’ve selected our Mangawhai 9 Cushion Collection to lift the space with detailed patterns for a slightly boho coastal vibe.

In this scene, graphic cushions in yellow and blue tones bring a burst of colour and a splash of seasonal style to a room that would otherwise feel flat and sterile. The beige cable knit cushions add a sense of warmth and extra depth to the overall aesthetics. The floor cushions in block colours tie the look together and give it a cozier feel.

To create this look, pair our Mangawhai Collection with earthy, textured decorative accents such as a woven rug and wooden furniture pieces for a relaxed coastal look.

cushion in acid blue colour- 45x45cm
A pair of rectangular chevron design cushion, a pair of gold cushion, a pair of patterned cushion in gold and blue colours, one blue cushion and two cushion in cable knit design.
cushion cover with Blue Tone Plants pattern.

Other ways to incorporate coastal style into your home

A set of 6 green and blue cushion covers in square and rectangular shapes with cable knit, lines, chevron and solid patterns

Waiheke Collection

Instead of the classic navy or teal palette; this collection works really well in creating a light green toned coastal look that is truly unique. A great pick to accentuate neutral, navy or green toned soft furnishings.

A set of 5 cushions with solid and zigzag patterns. In gold, white and teal colours.

Hawke’s Bay Collection

Choosing this collection will add a subtle colour to your coastal-inspired interior. The eye-catching mustard-yellow chevrons draw the eye and lift the soft teal and beige. To add a designer flair, coordinate this collection with neutral, light teal and soft yellow accents.

A set of 4 cushion covers with teal lines and arrow patterns

Byron Collection

Choose this collection full of coastal colours if you prefer a more laid back look. Enjoy easy to work with teals, neutral colours, and greens will pair beautifully with natural and raw materials such as linen.

A collection of 4 square cushions in gold and white colours with solid and pineapple patterns

Hahei Collection

If you wish to bring a touch of eclectic style into your home with some Gold coast or Florida bling, then this is the right pick for you. For great impact, pair this collection with white soft furnishings and gold accents.

Happy styling!

Simply Cushions Team