What’s the right amount of cushions for your sofa?

An arrangement of 3 in 1 cushions in mustard,blue and grey and a patterned cushions softens the appearance of the grey leather sofa.

Getting your cushion arrangement right can make all the difference! We’ve out together some tips to help you find the perfect balance for your sofa.

How many cushions to display on a 2 seater sofa?

For a pared back and minimal look, it is recommended to display 2-4 cushions on a two seater sofa.

A grey sofa is decorated with a navy blue cushion and a patterned cushion to add a bit of color.

Displaying a pair of cushions on a 2 seater couch is all about bringing a minimal amount of additional comfort to your sofa, and often a preferred look by those who fancy a pared back look to their décor. Place the cushions in a way that they rest on each side of the sofa, or slightly towards the centre. This look gives you the option of using identical cushions for a simple yet elegant finish.

Cushions in navy blue and mustard along with a patterned cushion adorns the grey leather sofa.

Choosing to display an odd number of cushions work effortlessly in a modern or eclectic interior. In some instance, you may decide on displaying 3 cushions, which still works perfectly on a 2 seater sofa. Here, you may vary cushion shapes, sizes, colours and textures depending on the look you are going for. Team up a larger block cushion with slightly smaller ones in eye-catching patterns for visual interest.

An arrangement of 3 in 1 cushions in mustard,blue and grey and a patterned cushions softens the appearance of the grey leather sofa.

Four cushions selection work equally well on a 2 seater couch without seeming too chaotic. On one end, create a strong base with a larger cushion in solid colour. Then introduce a slightly smaller one, and move down with a rectangular cushion in front — and a single cushion on the other end of the couch.

A grey sofa is decorated in pairs of navy and a patterned cushions to bring character to the sofa.

Alternatively, you may want to bring a symmetrical look to your arrangement. In this case, use 4 cushions — placing two on each side of sofa. Start off with large block cushions as the base, the slightly smaller ones in front. Make sure the smaller cushions are striking in some way, to avoid the arrangement from looking flat.

How many cushions to display on a 3 seater sofa?

Choosing the number of cushions to display on a 3 seater couch depends on whether you want your look more relaxed or formal. However, the recommended number is 3-6 cushions.

Velvet, fur and chevron patterned cushions in pastel colours, on a neutral coloured sofa.

Three cushions on a 3 seater sofa lend a more relaxed and pared down look. Similarly, you may arrange the cushions as you would on a 2 seater couch, with 2 cushions resting on one side and a single cushion on the other side of the couch. This soothing arrangement; which may consist of similar or varied shapes and textures; makes for a relaxed and fun look.

This pastel cushions adds character and a pop of colour in this warm and inviting sofa.

Four cushions also rest beautifully on a 3 seater sofa. The same principle applies here; larger cushions as the base, and smaller ones in front. Pairing two cushions on each side gives it a symmetrical appeal that often works well with sofas that are firm with clean lines to maintain a formal or traditional vibe.

Neutral toned sofa decorated with patterned and velvet cushions in different pastel colours.

Five is the magic number for a 3 seater sofa and this classic arrangement is a popular one in most homes. The resulting look is cohesive without causing unneeded clutter. Layer up cushions that are slightly different in textures, patterns and colours; and work with this arrangement: a pair of cushion on each side of the sofa, and a single cushion in the centre.

Soft grey sofa decorated with patterned cushions, along with a velvet and faux fur cushions to add a little texture, all in pastel colours.

Six cushions on a 3 seater couch works well if you are looking for a “more is more” approach; and this arrangement evokes a sense of warmth and comfort. You may choose you use different fabrics but in a colourway similar hues and patterns. Display 3 cushions on one end, 2 on the other end and a single cushion in the centre which is different from the others, either in shape or size.

How many cushions to display on a corner sofa?

Deciding on the number of cushions to display on your corner sofa can be quite tricky; but when done right, your selection adds extra depth and dimension to the overall style.

Warm and cozy beige sofa, decorated with soft velvet cushion in mustard and soft blue and a touch of patterned cushion that brings the whole room together.

Four cushions work similarly well on a corner sofa and saves it from looking over-stuffed. Choose block cushions to sit in the back and add a slightly smaller cushion in front of the larger one placed in the centre.

This warm and inviting sofa is decorated with mustard and blue cushions, along with some patterned cushion to give a homier vibe.

You may pick 6 cushions to display on your corner sofa; with each corner housing a pair. This look keeps it symmetry but far from boring. Use cushions with different colours and patterns to bring life to this arrangement.

A corner sofa with velvet and furry cushions in mustard and light blue.

When using 7 cushions on a corner sofa; opt for different colours and patterns for an eye-catching display. The arrangement includes; 2 cushions on each end of the sofa and 3 in the centre. For visual interest, include a cushion that is totally different from the rest; either in colour, texture or shape.

A lounge sofa with velvet decorative cushions in light blue and mustard.

In some instance, you may opt to use more cushions for your corner sofa; and 9 cushions will give you the balance you need. Display 3 cushions at each end of the couch and in the centre. When placed effortlessly, you have yourself a look that’s laid-back and uncontrived.

Happy styling!

Simply Cushions Team