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A floor scene is shown with a central 70x70 cushion cover.

70×70 Cushions

Make a bold statement with our 70×70 cushions, the perfect size for ultimate comfort and grabbing attention. These generous 70cm sized pieces are available in a range of fabrics, colours, and patterns, offering endless possibilities for enhancing your interior. Whether you use them to make a large arrangement around, or to create a cosy nook on your floor, these versatile gems are ready to transform your living spaces.

How to use 70x70 Cushions

Use our 70 x 70 cushions to make a bold style statement in your home. With their impressive size, these beauties become the centrepiece of any room, particularly when chosen in striking patterns or vibrant colours. They’re perfect for creating a relaxed and bohemian vibe in your floor seating arrangements, adding both comfort and a touch of casual elegance. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, 70cm cushions offer a practical way to quickly update the look and feel of a room. Swapping them out or rearranging them can transform your space with minimal effort, making it easy to keep your home looking fresh and inviting.

Highlight pieces
Using 70cm x 70cm cushion covers as highlight pieces on your sofa can transform the entire ambiance of your living room. These designs, with their substantial size, become the focal points of your seating area. Opt for bold patterns, striking colours, or unique textures to make them stand out and inject personality into the room. The beauty of these designs lies in their dual functionality - they're not just decorative elements but also provide enhanced comfort, perfect for long, relaxing lounging sessions. Arrange them strategically on your sofa, either as standalone pieces or complemented by smaller designs, to create a visually appealing and inviting setting.

Floor seating
70x70 cushion covers are perfect for creating informal and inviting floor seating arrangements. Ideal for a bohemian style living room or a casual family space, these gems invite you to sit down, relax, and unwind. You can cluster them in a corner of your room or spread them around a low coffee table for a laid-back lounge area. Mixing and matching different patterns and colours can add an eclectic and playful vibe to the space. This setup is not only aesthetically pleasing but also offers a practical solution for extra seating when you have guests. It's a fantastic way to make use of floor space and add a warm, welcoming element to your home.

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