Get the urban modern style using cushions

Patterned cushions in mustard and grey and a floor cushion is used to give the room a homier vibe.

Urban modern style favours a stripped back approach to home decor, with influences of contemporary and industrial aesthetics, but with a soft and less edgy approach to design.

What is the Urban Modern Style?

Often popular in city lofts and modern open-plan apartments; the true essence of this style is to provide those in inner cities with a living space they could unwind and enjoy the finer things in life.

The style shines light on the bare bone of the building by showing off what is often hidden; however, the aesthetics are more refined compared to those of industrial design. What is seen as unwanted features, urban modern style sees as fashionable and proves that form and function can be seen as one.

Think exposed beams, steel floor-to-ceiling windows, concrete floors, rugged wood and unfinished surfaces.

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Features, colours, patterns and textures

Urban modern homes are typically large and airy; hence a neutral colour scheme is generally favoured to bring visual warmth to the space. Greys, browns and whites and even blacks are classics; but for a richer palette that seems less stark, you may add punches of fuchsia, burnt orange, rich taupe, olive green and bright blue.

Soft textures popular with this interior style include velvet, calico, linen, and work beautifully against natural elements such as rustic wood and leather. Geometric or graphic patterns can be seen on scatter cushions, throws and poufs.

Pink faux fur cushion with a grey cushion to add a little character to the room.

Creating a Mid Century Modern look with cushions

If this interior style has been a favourite of yours for a while now, chances are you probably own a few key pieces that embody elements that this style has to offer. We’ve coordinated a few cushions which we hope will inspire you to truly bring this style to life. Here’s how to get started.

Urban modern style is more cultivated and refined; therefore the aesthetics are clean, fuss-free and minimal. In this scene, the white background and neutral sofa forms the perfect canvas for you to introduce different accents.

The furniture pieces, artwork, wall ornament, indoor plants and area rug accentuate the neutral palette and bring warmth and visual balance into the room.

Cream sofa decorated with cushion in blue, yellow and grey for a subdued modern look.

Look 1: Our Tucson Collection

For this first look, we’ve selected our Tucson Cushion Cover Collection which oozes a cheerful and sophisticated flair. It sits well with natural inspired décor accents and offers a more distinct look to any space.

The large dark grey cushion really lends a strong presence in this décor scheme and blends in seamlessly with other dark decorative accents and soft furnishings. We then incorporated graphic patterned cushions to soften the look and bring some vibrancy and playfulness into the room.

The dark wool throw, area rug and woven basket bring in texture and create a gorgeous balance interior that is warm and inviting.

To create a similar look, incorporate our Tucson Collection into a room with dark and neutral features to prevent the décor scheme form seeming too stark and cold. A few indoor plants are an essential finishing touch for a fresh and organic vibe.

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cushion cover with Green Tones Geometric pattern.
two square cushion cover with triangle design, a teal and white cushion cover, two plain black cushion cover and one gold and white cushion cover
cushion cover with Teal Geometric pattern.
Neutral sofa accentuated with patterned and texture cushions in grey and mustard for a pop of colour.

Look 2: Our Fawn Collection

In this scene, we’ve opted for Fawn 7 Cushion Cover Collection which features eye-catching tribal prints and varied textures. This collection becomes the centre of attention in any room and strikes the perfect balance when paired with deep green and black accents.

Here, vivid and bright colours are used to accentuate the neutral background. The refreshing dose of yellow on our graphic patterned cushions brings newness and visual interest, while the grey cable knit cushions grounds the look and makes the room more liveable.

To add variety to the shape and size of the cushions, we’ve place a rectangular velvet cushion in the centre of the sofa. Our sumptuous mustard velvet floor cushion adds a beautiful contrast and softens the stark black. The woven basket and area rug adds an artisanal and handmade feel to the scheme.

To achieve this look, add our Fawn Collection to a neutral sofa and give it a strong presence and edge with dark accents. A few artisanal pieces will add personality and intrigue to your overall décor scheme.

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a Buttoned Cable Knit Cushion in Dark Grey colour - 50x50cm
Velvet and Knitted Cushions in Grey and Mustard with a few patterned cushions.
floor cushion in Gold colour - 70x70cm
Bold black and white accent cushions to highlight the contemporary look of the room.

Look 3: Our Ruscha Collection

This time we’ve used our Ruscha Cushion Cover Collection for a modern monochromatic look.

The black and white cushions mellow down the dark grey and black, and prevent the look from being to stately. To soften the dark edges and draw in the eye, we’ve selected our plush fur cushion; which also add variation in texture and colour. The indoor plants and other organic material inject warmth and bring the outdoors in.

Recreate a similar look by combining cushions with a similar design but different in shape and size; and our Ruscha collection offers just that. Bring in different textures with décor accents to save the look from being too dull and flat.

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a square fur cushion in lilac - 45cm x 45cm
A lilac fur cushion with three plain grey cushion,a dark grey cushion, a pair of black and white patterned cushion and two rectangular cushion in shades of grey.
floor cushion cover in Black Geometric pattern - 70x70cm

Other ways to incorporate Mid Century Modern style into your home

A mix of 7 rectangular and square cushion covers in grey, teal and mustard colours

Dunedin Collection

If you have dark walls or decorative furnishings, then this collection works well in such settings in order to accentuate the gold accent and really make it standout. Inclusion of ethic motif and velvet fabrics makes for a true urban modern look.

A set of 4 white, blue and gold cushions with linear patterns

Montouk Collection

To showcase a modern geometric theme with an urban twin, then the linear collection is an excellent pick. It sits well in settings that feature neutral, deep navy or washed black hues; and exudes a sophisticated and elegant touch.

A set of black and white cushions with square, chevron and cross patterns

Rand Collection

This collection works well in creating a clean modern monochromatic scheme that’s often found in lofts or open plan apartments. It looks really regal when paired with metallic accents and soft punches of bold colours.

A mix of rectangular and square cushions with blue and grey colours

Hughes Collection

A combination of rich teal accents and subtle ethic vibes can be achieved with the Hughes Collection. Then allow it to work its magic by pairing it with natural soft furnishings and tan leather.

Happy styling!

Simply Cushions Team