Icon of credit card and padlock

Safe card payments

Payments can be done quickly and easily when you have a Mastercard, Visa or American Express credit or debit card. We’ll process your payment through our payment system which is highly secure and protected by 256-bit SSL technology. This means your card information and your personal details are encrypted and securely transferred. Rest assured that your personal information will be safe as we will never handle or see the details on your card.

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We are PayPal friendly

Paypal is an easy way to pay for your online order. PayPal processes millions of dollars worth of transactions across the globe every day. By using PayPal, your financial information is kept private and is protected by PayPal’s industry leading security technology. All PayPal payments occur securely on our site, so there’s no annoying redirects.

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Instant email confirmation

After your secure payment is processed, we will send you a confirmation email with your order details. Attached to the email you’ll find a PDF document containing your payment receipt. Once we’ve processed your order, we’ll send you another email with details of the shipping process. This email will also provide you with your tracking details which you can use to follow the progress of your order’s delivery.