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Chevron Cushions

Chic chevron cushions make a gorgeous foundation for an elegant family home. The patterns are versatile enough for casual living as well as stylish entertaining. Choose your best set today from New Zealand’s best cushion store and you get free shipping for every purchase you make that’s over $150.

How to use Chevron Cushions

Whatever your style, chevron cushions create a pretty, inviting environment for you to enjoy conversations with friends and family. Loved for their illusion of movement, this ever dynamic pattern play creates an eye-catching display that easily becomes the focal of your home. They partner beautifully with other patterned cushions … think striking geometrics, chevron and elegant striped cushions in the same setting. The results? An eye-grabbing interior space that truly shines!

To weave charismatic chevron into your decorating schemes, team with other soft furnishings with the same pattern. Repetition in different applications in a single room amplifies the chevron's impact. Saturated colours such as purple, gold, and hot pink palette make a great pairing and inspire a bold, lively look. When rendered in a monochromatic scheme, say using white and blue hues, chevron takes a dramatic turn that suits formal interiors.

Make bold chevron the star of the room by pairing it with plain cushions in subtle colours that won't compete with its jazzy pattern: white, neutrals and soft pastels. Although each piece will carry its interesting hue and texture, they step back to let the chevron cushions take centre stage. In small scale, chevron pattern works brilliantly in a classic decor scheme, while an oversize chevron pattern complement eclectic and modern spaces. Just the right amount of pattern play provides plenty of pizzazz without making a room appear too busy.