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Kids Cushions

Swim in a sea of daydreams with a mix of vibrant hues, striking patterns and playful motifs. If you’re on the hunt for lovable accessories, our kids’ cushions are all the essentials you need to jazz up your little one’s room décor and spark their imagination. Spend $150 today and get free shipping, plus reliable customer support.

How to use Kids Cushions

Decorating with kids cushions can be an exciting process, and allows you to let your creativity and imagination flow. A bold, cheerful and fun atmosphere can be a stimulating haven for your young ones. What better way to do so than introduce a mix of vibrant scatter cushions? These can be coordinated beautifully with colourful art, books, decals and accent lamps.

Keeping your background neutral, say white or grey walls, and adding pops of colour gives you more possibilities to make your kid’s space creative and playful. It also allows you to change your cushion covers as well as other soft furnishings as frequent as you desire, without having to worry about repainting the walls as your young one grow. Thereafter, you can decide on the colours and patterned to incorporate based on what the room already has. Accents like striped and zig zag covers in primary colours will punctuate the scheme and add feelings of spring-summertime happiness.

Bright yellow, green, orange, red and blue take the crown when it comes to creating a wow interior. But don't forget cushions for your outdoor areas too where you can create a fun tactical space for your kids. They add visual warmth and a feel-good vibe that creates an entirely different look and atmosphere. For this colour pairing not to get too overwhelming, partner with muted neutrals and light wood tones. Introduce a few decorative motifs like owl cushions to add whimsy and capture your kid’s imagination.